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We come with 20+ years experience in the windows world. Starting at The University of Kentucky as a Network administrator for the College of Pharmacy.

We offer free pick up and delivery, virus removal, all wiring including fiber, High End Surveillance HD Security Systems, remote services, Network security, Microsoft Training, motherboard replacement, backup services, Business onsite, commercial onsite, residential onsite, 10% Pokagon discount, 10% Veteran discount, 10% elderly, and all service dogs are welcome.

Not a local? We also offer a remote cleaning service for those who love our quality!


234234234A Message From The Community!

I’m a first year college student, completely unfamiliar with computers. A laptop is mandatory; there is no way around it. I bought a Dell Inspiron new from the store. Within a week it ‘blue screened’.
I took it back and was provided with yet another NEW computer, only to have it do the exact same thing! By now i’m seriously in danger of reaching a point of no return. Frusterated and no real game plan to
addess the situation Finally, I took my PC too Dowagiac IT3.

Not only were they willing to listen, more importantly, they were willing to help. In fact, they insisted on it! In my experience most businesses usually try
to be cordial with potential clients, but at the end of the day, their sympathies only extend the length of a coin. Not only did they fix my computer ( which was no small task) the owner, Brian Antisdel came up out of his pocket
with then dollars to help me out with gas THEN Brian drove out to my house 10 miles away to pick it up.

That is not simply ‘servicing’. That is SERVING! Who really serves the community ?

Through the entire interaction, he stressed only on thing,
” I see you struggling to get your life right and I feel an obligation to help you any way I can towards that end”.

Thank you IT3 Computer Solutions, LLC from the bottom of my heart!

Thanks for viewing how are always giving back.


  1. This is a wonderful thing. If more people would feel this way the community would be a greater than what it already is.

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