Watch out for this Windows 10 Update!

IT3 Tech Tip 5/23/2018  Hello Michiana! In today’s Tech Tip, we are going to discuss a rather serious issue with Windows 10. Overall, Windows 10 hasn’t been the greatest operating system. With many internal flaws, Microsoft has been pushing out update after update trying to find a solution. Some of these updates have brought the […]

Dust is not your friend!

IT3 Tech Tip of the Day 5/22/18 Hello Michiana! In today’s Tech Tip we will discuss how dust build-up negatively affects your computer.  In order for our computers to properly work, they must be well ventilated to prevent heat build-up. Unfortunately, over time they can become clogged with dust particles to a great extent and overheat. […]

Beware of Ransomware!

IT3 Tech Tips 5/21/18: Hello Michiana! We at IT3 would like to start posting a daily tech tip, that we believe will help you with your computer, and keep them running well. Today we would like to post about “pop-ups from Microsoft”. Almost all of us have visited a website while surfing the internet where […]