Watch out for this Windows 10 Update!

IT3 Tech Tip 5/23/2018  Hello Michiana! In today’s Tech Tip, we are going to discuss a rather serious issue with Windows 10. Overall, Windows 10 hasn’t been the greatest operating system. With many internal flaws, Microsoft has been pushing out update after update trying to find a solution. Some of these updates have brought the […]

Dust is not your friend!

IT3 Tech Tip of the Day 5/22/18 Hello Michiana! In today’s Tech Tip we will discuss how dust build-up negatively affects your computer.  In order for our computers to properly work, they must be well ventilated to prevent heat build-up. Unfortunately, over time they can become clogged with dust particles to a great extent and overheat. […]

Beware of Ransomware!

IT3 Tech Tips 5/21/18: Hello Michiana! We at IT3 would like to start posting a daily tech tip, that we believe will help you with your computer, and keep them running well. Today we would like to post about “pop-ups from Microsoft”. Almost all of us have visited a website while surfing the internet where […]

Beware: Your Windows Licence Has Expired Scam!

Give us a call if you have think you may be affected by this or any other virus/scam. (269) 462-9040 Your Windows Licence has Expired virus removal guide What is Your Windows Licence has Expired? “Your Windows Licence has Expired” is a fake error message that attempts to trick users into purchasing a valid activation […]

Our WordPress Development

WordPress is a Content Management System that gives you the administrator/owner of the website the tools to edit your website with ease while keeping it beautiful. With the world class online publishing tool, the users can develop their blogging application and custom content management system. WordPress, one of the trendiest and most creative content management […]